Our company was established in 1997. We have been operating in our own production area since 2003. We terminate our customers’ projects with only 40 years of experience in plastic technology with high quality molds using engineering plastics. We are their solution partners. Our target production policy is to add value to both our company and our country by localizing the plastic products imported from abroad.

Our manager has 43 years of operating experience and our team is fully professional.
Erler Plastik, which makes production using the quality management system continuously in its activities, is to determine a production policy based on the highest level of customer satisfaction with its expert staff who have determined the importance of communication, education and quality. Our annual targets are reached by professionally trained staff and team philosophy in a safe, peaceful, transparent environment. At the beginning of the sectors we work in medical technology, we are producing semi-finished products for companies that have clean rooms and finished health products. Our work is to finish the project by doing R & D design of finished medical products.

Special fabrications using curtain systems and special alloy engineering plastics are in our structure.

Our industrial slogan is EVERY SOLUTION IS from THE SAME SOURCE
We will establish our supplier chain together with you with the service we will provide in our project process molding and high plastic production, which started with R & D design. You can also be assured that you will reduce your costs with appropriate pricing.