In the CLEAN ROOM with its air-conditioned and dust-catching infrastructure, medical semi-finished products used exclusively in medical products has been manufacturing. Our injection molding machines are also special.

Full compliance to the principle of safe relationships are mutual starts from manufacturing. For quality assurance, the video camera system works continuously. Our company guarantees to change the material to be returned immediately. All kinds of work and confidentiality agreements will be signed with our customers

In our quality control approach, our injection operators apply the principle of MANUFACTURING RESPONSIBILITY at every stage of production. With ISO 9001-2015 quality certificate, we help you to get CE certificate for your own products. All solutions in our offers will relax you.

We also continue to work on ISO 13485. We have received Industry Registration Certificate from SCIENCE, INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY MINISTRY and CAPACITY CERTIFICATE from Turkey Union of Chambers. With these certificates, we provide incentives for the construction of domestic manufacturing from the state.

Here you will get results with our production system. You only need to have your cleanroom and sterilization facility and assembly team. If you don’t, you can outsource in another facility. Raw materials used in injection manufacturing; in medical products, medical grade PVC and TPV, FOOD and DRUG certificated (FOOD AND COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE) PC, ABS, PP, PE raw materials are selected by using different MFI units.

We use non-flammable and impact resistant special plastic alloys with PA Nylon 6.6 and Nylon 6 raw materials in the field of energy, in transport plastics, sound insulation barriers and cover manufacturing. Using POM and Nylon 6 in the curtain systems, we ensure the compatibility of plastics with each other. All of the various raw materials we work with are engineering plastics.