We do mold design in our department and we give you PROTOTYPE samples with solid modeling. Now we’ll make it easy for you to decide. We guarantee that you do not make any mistakes in the drawing parts when you make the selection of plastic depending on where and under what conditions the product will be used. After selecting the plastic we will decide on the number of molds together according to the manufacturing capacity. Based on annual parts manufacturing and usage areas we will inform you in the technical specification of the steels to be processed in the mold. All selected steels are CERTIFIED.

  • We have machines at the tool shop
  • We have very experienced staff who operate these machines.The delivery date given at the end of the mold production may be disrupted for a maximum of 3-4 days. We accept the penal clause for more than 7 days. The parties shall sign the mold manufacturing contract.
  • After mold manufacturing finished, injection department prepares it for mass production.
  • Our understanding of mass production is that mold works automatically for an hour. Every piece taken from the mold eyes passes the measurement and functionality tests and from the moment when it is approved by our customers, the operation plan and the product plan are prepared for the piece.