In 2003, we started research and development of the drip setting set project which is known as DOSİ-FLOW.We made prototype molds and received positive results. However, we could not enter the market when we could not compete with overseas prices (china products).
In 2005, we got ISO 9001 with the encouragement of the chairman of the executive board of SASAN HEALTH MANUFACTURING AND TRADING INC. who saw that we made these molds locally in medical fair. Since then we are still working with this company. The company operates in an area of 3000 m2 and has Clean Rooms and also a sterilization facility.

As the finished product, the fasteners used in the dialysis set were brought from abroad, our company made these products domestic and we are still working with 20 molds. In addition, in 2014, the Blood Filter Kit which we made its research and development and finalized in 2014 is used in cardiovascular surgery.70 percent of our medical production share belongs to Sasan. More information can be found in the reference section.

In 2014, we made special connection plastic used in hospital robots to KAPSAM MEDICAL PRODUCTS LTD. CO. We solved the apparatus of the FEEDING UNIT used in the hospital as finished product together. We also supply fasteners. We have also established a very special clean room environment.

Now we are working on R & D of a new project as a semi-finished product. PEAK, a very special plastic raw material will be used for the first time in Turkey. The products from this raw material will be used instead of metal fasteners connecting the broken bones within the body used in orthopedics. This study has just started and CE certificate will be received

In addition, We are supplying fasteners to PLASTİMED LTD. CO. and MORTON INC.